Passion Models is Japanese AFV detail up brand produced by M.S Models.
We supply you very accurate and high quality etching set, decals, and figures!

Owner's Blog

Hi Guys!

Finally, we finished making PE sets for Tamiya Panther D and 3 new items are ready to go!!

[Passion Models] [P35-115] 1/35 Panther D PE set[Tamiya MM35345] 1700yen


[Passion Models] [P35-116] 1/35 Panther D Schürzen PE set[Tamiya MM35345]1200yen


[Passion Models] [P35-115V] 1/35 Panther D PE value set[Tamiya MM35345]2800yen



Pre order just started!

Looking forward to sending these items to you soon!:)