Passion Models is Japanese AFV detail up brand produced by M.S Models.
We supply you very accurate and high quality etching set, decals, and figures!

Owner's Blog

Hi guys!

Passion model new item is finally released!!

P35-110 German Military Bicycle for Tamiya

This time we made etching set for TAMIYA German bycycle.




It took nearly 2 years to get shape we want, it was long long journey...

It would be easy if we adapted pre-formed the spokes because all you need to do is

just glue it, but we wanted to make them look very realistic. It apparently raised its difficulty,but look at this, it is worth doing it!!

As you can see it makes the bike look very real nd beautiful!

And this is probably the most difficult etching set we made to assemble...all parts are so tiny and fragile,

so we put "Super experienced"Level on its instruction.

But we have 4 extra etching spokes just in case you fail. Please try if you want to challenge yourself!

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