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We are producing high quality 1/35 scale AFV detail parts such as PE,Decal,Resin figure and Special fiber material as Passion Models brand.
We are also producing high quality resin canvas cover for half track and any soft skins as Decal Star brand.
More,we are sell and distributing about Kamizukuri products.
Their line up is hight guality laser cut paper plant and special fiber blended detail up parts.
Dealer inquires welcome to all these brand!

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Pre-Order Started!!
Hey Guys, we finally release new items!
Check it out here!

[Passion Models] [P35-107] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Sd.kfz.162/1(Tamiya35430)

[Passion Models] [P35-108] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang SD.KFZ.162/1 Schürzen set(Tamiya 35430)

[Passion Models] [P35V-107] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Sd.kfz.162/1 Value set

Best Sellers!!
These are our best selling itmes. Please click them and try!
[Passion Models] [P35D-005] 1/35 WWII GERMAN Army S.P.G&ARTILLERY Decal set

[Passion Models] [P35D-005] 1/35 WWII GERMAN Army S.P.G&ARTILLERY Decal set 

High quality water slide decal
[Kamizukuri][FP-26]1/35 U.S. Sling Set

[Kamizukuri][FP-26]1/35 U.S. Sling Set 

[Kamizukuri] [A-36] Jungle Plant

[Kamizukuri] [A-36] Jungle Plant 

Recommended Items
[Passion Models] [P35V-13]1/35 Head Phone PE SET
[Passion Models] [P35-106]1/35 75mm Pak 42L/70 barrel for Tamiya
[Passion Models] [P35-101]1/35 Stug III Ausf.G PE set for TAMIYA MM35197
[Passion Models] [P35-100]Panther Ausf.G PE set for TAMIYA MM 35170/35174/35176
[Passion Models] [P35-099]Panther Ausf.G PE set for TAMIYA MM 35170/35174/35176/35203
[Passion Models] [P35-105]1/35 37mmBarrel for Panzer 35(t) (for Bronco/SKP kit)
[Passion Models] [P35-104]1/35 Front Portion of Lewis MG Cooling Shroud (Set of 5)
[Passion Models] [P35-103]1/35 Front Portion of Lewis MG Cooling Shroud (Set of 3)
[Passion Models] [P35-102]1/35  1/35 6 Pdr for WW1 British MK IV Tank (Set of 2)
[Passion Models] [P35H-001]1/35 on the wind FLAG-America
[Passion Models] [P35H-002]1/35 on the wind FLAG-Britain

[Passion Models] [P35H-002]1/35 on the wind FLAG-Britain  

[Stock Quantity 34]
[Passion Models] [P35V-012]1/35  Extra Fine Chain

[Passion Models] [P35V-012]1/35 Extra Fine Chain  

[Stock Quantity 98]
[Passion Models] [P35V-011]1/35  Rifle Sling  PE SET

[Passion Models] [P35V-011]1/35 Rifle Sling  PE SET  

[Stock Quantity 158]
[Passion Models] [P35-096]1/35  Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 90 [With Chain]   PE SET for TAMIYA 35208/35236/35260
[Kamizukuri] [N-4]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.2
[Kamizukuri] [N-3]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.1
[Passion Models] [P35-095]1/35  Skoda UV vz. 34 (KwK 34(t)) 37mm barrel with resin recoil cylinder (ACADEMY)
[Passion Models] [P35-094]1/35 JAPANESE TAYPE 10 TANK (TAMIYA)
[Passion Models] [P35-090]1/35 KUBELWAGEN Type82  3Set,          [P35V-009]Rifle Holder Steel/Wire type & [P35V-010]Clamp for Soft skin Vehicles (TAMIYA)
[Kamizukuri][A-39] Diorama Base Series  FENCE

[Kamizukuri][A-39] Diorama Base Series FENCE  

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