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10 Best Moments of Being A Modeler

  I know you feel these. Let's admit.  We LOVE being a modeler.


1. When you are watching movies,You can tell exactly what vehicles/airplane

    they are.

     And you get excited, but not so many friends can understand it...


2. You can easily spend 3 hours like 3 seconds.

     You just wanted to fix small part at the beginning. Next thing you know? 3 Hours has alreaday passed!


3. Your Hands Are Always Dirty With Paints. 

     And you don't care anymore now. Because it's gonna be messy again.

4. You Can Get Excited Like A Child Whenever You Buy A New Kit.

    Modeling shops for you are just as exciting as candy shop for kids.


5. You Have BIG Modeler's Network All Over the World.

    Because we are all big scale modeling familly! And we share history from modeling books.


6. Making A Kit Is A Whole Romantic Adventure.

    It's like directing a movie. Where is this? What's the situation?
    How would this crew be feeling? This whole process is the best part of making diorama!


7. You Can Have Your Own Exhibition.

    It's always great to see what you've achieved, right?



8. You Soak in Fantasy of You Running Around Battlefield.

    If I were Michael Wittmann, or Otto Carius...wait, Kurt Knispel is badass too...


9. You Can Ceate the World As You Want.

    You are GOD in your own world. You can make ground, or sea or everything.


10. And At Last...We are all artists!

    We know the joy of creation, indeed.




How many do you agree?

Let's keep rocking this wonderful modeler's life!!:)