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We are going to hold Alpine Miniatures painting contest. Anyone can join, and the entries are going to be judged by the brand owner Taesung Harmms, and worldly-famous painter Calvin Tan.


【General Information】
[Scale and rules] a) 1/35 b)1/16
・Entrants send us 4 pictures of your Alpine work to our email address(info@passionmodels.jp)
・You can apply as many as you want, but one figure must have 4 pictures taken at angle of FRONT, RIGHT, LEFT, BACK side.
・Entries must be 100% Alpine Miniature product, no modification, brand new work.
・Make sure the pictures are big enough(over 500 pixel recommended) before you submit.
・To make a fair judgment, entrants name is not open to the public until award announcement.
・The back ground is free, but No diorama, no vignette should be included in the pictures. Figure Only.

・Taesung Harmms(Alpine Miniatures)
・Calvin Tan
4 awards for Taesung's best 1/35,1/16 and Calvin's best 1/35-1/16
・Alpine items signitured by judges 
・Awarded work will be featured on Armour Modelling Magazine Japan
・5000JPY coupon available on our webshop

[Deadline and announcement]
・Contest deadline is 31st January 2017
・Award announcement will be made in middle of Febrarury 2017 on the facebook page
[Email Address]: info@passionmodels.jp
Please send us an email with following information
・Your name
・Alpine Miniatures item number you used
・4 Pictures (taken at angle of FRONT, RIGHT, LEFT, BACK side)


【Additional note】
・The background is free, but no diorama and no vignette should be included in the pictures. Figure only.

・Minor changes and minor conversions are accepted. 
Head should be from Alpine kits.


←for more details, visit faceboook page!!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to annouce that we are out of office from 

3rd - 6th of November next month

Your order and message will be proceeded after we come back to office.

Thank you for your understanding.

Passion Models

Hello everyone,

We released new item called "Iroha Value Box"

This special box offer you 11 different kinds of leaves that we released in Iroha series before.

[MS-001]Grass Set of Sisal Hemp
[MS-004]Tall Grassy Plain Set
[MS-005]Short Grassy Plain Set
[MS-008]Coniferous Leaf Set
[MS-009]Ear Plant Set
[MS-010]Bush Set
[MS-016]Small White Flower Set(2)
[MS-017]Ear Plant Set(2)
[MS-018]Coniferous Leaf Set(2)
[MS-019]Grass Bush Set
[MS-020]Branch Set

If you are wondering what kind of leaves you need for your diorama, this value box will give you a good suggestion!


Thank you very much everyone who visited us at SMC.

It was a great pleasure to meet you in person :)


Now we are preparing to sell our items in Europe.

I'll make an announcement officially when we are ready!


I also made a short video of SMC.

I'm sorry the subtitle is Japanese, but take a look if you are interested :)



Dear customers,

I will be out of office until 6th of October since Passion Models is going to attend SMC

(Scale Model Challenge) in Netherlands. Your order and messages will be proceeded after

I come back from the show.

Thank you for your understanding.



We are goint to be in Summer vacation from
11th - 15th of August
All order will be proceeded after we get back to
normal schedule.
Thank you for your understanding.
Passion Models

Hello everyone!

I came back from Malaysia Scale Hobby Show in Penang.

That was AMAZING show and I really enjoyd a lot!

We will have free shipping service until 30th June to commemorate attending the show.

Details are below;

*Customers those who buy over 3000yen

*Small Packet service only

1.Choose Small Packet service


2. Please enter "PENANG" at the payment procedure

Finally...finally I can inform you that Passion Models 1/35 M4A3E8 Sherman PE set

is reay to be released! After we went to JSDF Tsuchiura base to measure actual Sherman, we reprodice the details in 1/35!


[P35-120] 1/35 M4A3E8 Sherman PE set



Pre-order is now available!


New release from Passion Models! Those who has been waiting reproduce P35-022, here is a goos choice. It became cheaper and you can still have 2 versions of "OPEL BLITZ" logo!


↓ Click for more images!!





Hi guys!

News from Twillight Model, new brand developed by Masayuki Tamura who was working at TAMIYA before. Their second itemis is a decal for JSDF. The images just arrived.



[TM-02]1/35 decal set for JSDF type 10/90 tank

This is limited production, and for order please let me know by sending a message to info@passionmodels.jp


Hi guys! We received

[Passion Models]  [P35-117] 1/35 WWII U.S Army Infantry Gear Set with Decal  1100Yen

[Passion Models]  [P35-118] 1/35 WWII U.S Army Airborne/Armoured Div. Gear Set with Decal  1300yen

today from manufacturer and these are ready to ship.

These are redesigned and upgraded products from P35-065/P35-066.

You can reproduce detail of the infantry gear and airborne/armoured div. gear which are difficult to achieve with injection kits, and sunglasses and knives, forks are included too.

I look forward to serving you soon:)




Hi Guys!

Finally, we finished making PE sets for Tamiya Panther D and 3 new items are ready to go!!

[Passion Models] [P35-115] 1/35 Panther D PE set[Tamiya MM35345] 1700yen


[Passion Models] [P35-116] 1/35 Panther D Schürzen PE set[Tamiya MM35345]1200yen


[Passion Models] [P35-115V] 1/35 Panther D PE value set[Tamiya MM35345]2800yen



Pre order just started!

Looking forward to sending these items to you soon!:)