Iroha Value Box

Hello everyone,

We released new item called "Iroha Value Box"

This special box offer you 11 different kinds of leaves that we released in Iroha series before.

[MS-001]Grass Set of Sisal Hemp
[MS-004]Tall Grassy Plain Set
[MS-005]Short Grassy Plain Set
[MS-008]Coniferous Leaf Set
[MS-009]Ear Plant Set
[MS-010]Bush Set
[MS-016]Small White Flower Set(2)
[MS-017]Ear Plant Set(2)
[MS-018]Coniferous Leaf Set(2)
[MS-019]Grass Bush Set
[MS-020]Branch Set

If you are wondering what kind of leaves you need for your diorama, this value box will give you a good suggestion!