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We are goint to be in Summer vacation from

11th - 15th of August

All order will be proceeded after we get back to

normal schedule.

Thank you for your understanding.

Passion Models 

Hi guys!

Today I want to introduce an excelent resin kit manufacutirer in Japan, Etokin-Model.

Etokin Model is famous for its highly detailed resin kit, especially JGSDF.


We had an interview with Mr. Seguchi, owner of Etokin-Model.


●Why did you start Etokin-Model?

Originally, I didn't plan to start my own brand. But When I showed my friend a SPG kit I made by scratch building, he introduced me to a resin casting company, and I decided to start Etokin-Model.

●What do you keep in mind when you develop a new product?

Resin casting kits are fairy difficult to assemble compared to injection kits.

But our kits are easy to build for those who is familiar with assembling injection kits.

●Do you have a message for modelers looking at this site?

Etokin-Model has great details  Please take a look at the quality!


More deatils for Etokin Model






Hi guys!

I'd like to announce that our etching set for Tamiya Somua is almost ready!

We're going to release it  in July!

【P35-112】 1/35 Somua S35  (estimated price) 800Yen

Equivalent: 6.45USD / 5.71Euro 





 We are also releasing a barrel for Somua and value set.

These will be available soon too!

【P35-113】 1/35 Barrel for Somua S35  (estimated price) 500Yen

Equivalent: 4.06USD / 3.57Euro 

【P35-112V】 1/35 Somua S35 PE&barrel Set (estimated price) 1100Yen

Equivalent: 8.94USD / 7.85Euro 

This time we worked on its mesh light cover. We made the mesh for 1/35 scale with complete accuracy.

Also we add a part for visor block, which is eliminated in the original kit.


I'll keep you posted and let you know when we are ready.

Thank you!:)





Iroha[MS-013] Shrub bushes

Iroha[MS-014] Realgrass

Iroha[MS-015] Dry woods

Iroha[MS-016] Small White Flower Set(2)