[Passion Models] [P35-165] 1/35 Kettenkraftrad PE Set [For Tamiya MM35377]

※Made in Japan

Equivalent: 16.40USD / 13.97Euro

<Pressed part>

Engine bonnet


<mesh part>

Super fine mesh


<Photo Etching Parts>

Rifle holderNumber plateSmall parts around the driver / and so on


<3D resin parts>

Rifle holderKnee padsThumbscrews / Bonnet catches / Sockets


<10cm wire>



! Please research number plates and markings for your build.

 Tamiya MM35377 is kettenkraftrad mid production.


Wehrmacht number plateLuftwaffe number plateW-SS number plate

Tactical Markings 

African campaign
Many pre-production kettenkraftrad were seen in earlier parts of the African campaign.
From the beginning of 1943 to just before withdrawal, early and middle types were used together.
No number plate or air pressure display in some cases.
We made this product under the assumption that number plates existed for mid production Kettenkraftrad in the African campaign.

Ramcke Parachute Brigade (early type)

Despite plans to use dark yellow in Feb 1943, a shortage of supplies meant many armoured vehicles continued to use German gray at the front.

Eastern Front 1944  2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich

1943 7th Flieger Division

1943 American captured vehicles


[Passion Models] [P35-165] 1/35 Kettenkraftrad PE Set [For Tamiya MM35377]

Our Selling Price: 1,800yen(JPY)