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Hi guys!

Today I'd like to inform that we started dealing with Twillight Model, new brand developed by Masayuki Tamura who was working at TAMIYA before.

Their first items is a decal for JSDF type 10 tank. Here are some image.

It includes special marking for JSDF Kyushu area, southwesterly of Japan.

This is limited production, and for order please let me know by sending a message to info@passionmodels.jp

Don't miss it, type 10 tank lovers!


Hi guys!

Passion Models P35-114 1/35 Panther D Mesh PE set [Tamiya]

is ready to go!

As you know Tamiya released Panther type D kit the other day, and this is perfect to detail it up. 

We decided to use brass material, so it is easy to add some dent and reproduce the damaged surface.

And the square mesh has bolt holes in the corner, which is also a feature of Panther type D although it's eliminated in Tamiya PE set.


Click here for order!!





Hi guys!

How are you? Hope everyone is doing fine.

Here is Japan it is getting really hot, today is about 93 F/ 35℃...

And right now we have triple typhoons coming to hit us! Wow.

Anyway, Somua PE set just arrived, and we started packing them.

We are going to start shipping from next week!

Click here for order!!↓↓↓

[Passion Models] [P35-112] 1/35 Somua S35 PE Set [Tamiya]

[Passion Models] [P35-113] 1/35 Somua S35 barrel set [Tamiya]

[Passion Models] [P35-112V] 1/35 Somua S35 PE and barrel set [Tamiya]





Also, we just started taking pre-order for Asuka Model new item!

【35-032】1/35  U.S.Medium Tank M4 Sherman Late "FAY"

We offer you the item with 20 % discount.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Hi guys!

I'd like to announce that our etching set for Tamiya Somua is almost ready!

We're going to release it in  the middle of July!

【P35-112】 1/35 Somua S35  (estimated price) 800Yen

Equivalent: 6.45USD / 5.71Euro 




 We are also releasing a barrel for Somua and value set.

These will be available soon too!

【P35-113】 1/35 Barrel for Somua S35  (estimated price) 500Yen

Equivalent: 4.06USD / 3.57Euro 

【P35-112V】 1/35 Somua S35 PE&barrel Set (estimated price) 1100Yen

Equivalent: 8.94USD / 7.85Euro 

This time we worked on its mesh light cover. We made the mesh for 1/35 scale with complete accuracy.

Also we add a part for visor block, which is eliminated in the original kit.


I'll keep you posted and let you know when we are ready.

Thank you!:)





Hi guys!

Passion model new item is finally released!!

P35-110 German Military Bicycle for Tamiya

This time we made etching set for TAMIYA German bycycle.




It took nearly 2 years to get shape we want, it was long long journey...

It would be easy if we adapted pre-formed the spokes because all you need to do is

just glue it, but we wanted to make them look very realistic. It apparently raised its difficulty,but look at this, it is worth doing it!!

As you can see it makes the bike look very real nd beautiful!

And this is probably the most difficult etching set we made to assemble...all parts are so tiny and fragile,

so we put "Super experienced"Level on its instruction.

But we have 4 extra etching spokes just in case you fail. Please try if you want to challenge yourself!

For order click here!

Hi guys!

We are back from Shizuoka hobby show this weekend,
and new items added to Iroha, our diorama material brand!

Iroha[MS-013] Shrub bushes


Iroha[MS-014] Realgrass


Iroha[MS-015] Dry woods


Iroha[MS-016] Small White Flower Set(2)


These are all made of natural materials.
Please try to make your diorama more realistic!:)



 Pre-Order Started!!

【P35-109】 1/35 TigerI exhaust cover etching set

Finaly...the exhaust cover is ready to go!

Let's hear product story from the developer.

-What do you want to share with customer as a developer?

  This time we decided to use sheet copper instead of brass to make it easier to add distressed effect, just like real cover of the tank. And usually we sell etching as the state of “sheet”, but this one(P35-109) will be sold after we bend it . It’s really easy to handle. All you have to do it just attach to your kit! We’ve been tested the product so many times and it took 6 months to get ideal shape and quality...I’m glad we finally releasing this. Please try it, if you have Tiger I kit! 
- Minako Hiramatsu, developing department

(Minako's cat)

Yes, we always pursue the quality because we know joy of creation,

and love to supply the best product for you.

Are you ready to feel the quality?






Hi guy!
I talked about Shizuoka Hobby show 2015 the other day,
and our booth location was finally decided.

Actually, too many people wanted to have their booth this year and
the location was determined by lot! We are so lucky that we won the big space:)

since we got this large space for the flea market, now we are preparing
what to bring there, otherwise it woud look like so empty...
We'll bering of course our Passion models,

And Diopark,

Maybe RPToolz from Hungary,

and hopefully Bravo6.

These are still under consideration, but one thing is for sure-
We'll bring a party there!;)
So if you are going to join the party, please don't forget to say hi to us!

Hi guys!

Today we got new items from Diopark, Hong Kong!
The new display base series are unique product.
One box has 2 bars of each size(10/16/20/25/30/50cm),
and depends on the combination you can make whatever sized base
you want.

(Note that the base plate is not included)

More details are coming soon!
I'll keep you updated.

Hi my scale model family!

Do you know Japanese biggest scale model exhibition
"Shizuoka Hobby show 2015" is comming up next month?
It's going to be held on 5/15~5/18, and we Famous scale mToy makers like
Tamiya, Fine Molds, Bandai are having their booths.

(Sorry it's Japanese only...)

And we are also planning to have our booth at flea market,
so if you are comming to the exbition, don't forget to say hi to us!:)


Hi guys.

Exactly four years ago from today, we had the terrible earthquake.
We have people still struggling to get back their house or family, or life in Tohoku area.
But I want to tell you, we appreciate every single person who supported and prayed for us. We never give up, and will be by your side when you are struggle:)

My prayers for you guys!
Hey guys,

I talked about new passion items yesterday,
but actually we are also working on some new Iroha items.
Iroha is our diarama material brand, and here is new picture!

Again the details are still being worked, but I'm sure it's gonna be eciting:)
Keep you posted!

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't updated here for a while,
but today I'm back with some exciting updates about passion
new items!
As I mentioned, we are working on an etching set for Tamiya Lang.
And here is new picture for
[P35-107] Jagdpanzer Ⅳ/70(V)Lang Sd.kfz.162/1
[P35-108] Jagdpanzer Ⅳ/70(V)Lang SD.KFZ.162/1 Schürzen set !!!!!

Excited? Yeah I'm excited too!:)
We are still working on the details and the price,
but trying to release within this month.
I'll let you guys know the first so don't worry!
Keep you posted!

Hi guys!

Today I'm going to introduce about Kamizukuri, since
Kamizukuri is one of our most popular products in this site.

Kamizukuri is a Japanese company producing miniture paper craft kit.
Their elaborate work on paper is astonishing, and the paper crafts are easy to
make by just cutting out and the best for making diorama.

Now let's take a look at their “Sunflower”.

①Paint the product.It's a piece of paper and you can paint with whatever you want.

②Cut them out.

③Glue the petals together.

④Glue the sepal.

⑤Make a shape using some tools.

⑥Glue the seeds.

⑦Make the leaves following same procidure.

⑧Put some glue on the wire(included in the kit)

⑨Glue the leaves.

⑩Put the flower on top and glue it.

As you can see, it's really simple and easy!
You don't need any special tool to make them,
except sissors:)

Are you ready to make Kamizukuri?
If so, click here!!↓↓↓

Hi guys!

Today I'm realy excited to tell you this,
we are releasing new items!!!

It's an etching set for Jagdpanzer IV Lang!!

This is a test picture and we're still working on the details,
but planning to relase on March.

I'll keep updated you guys here, so
please be patient for a moment!:)

Hi guys!

So, Here is more detail about Diopark new items.

First we have DP35011Roses.
It has 2 different rose flowers and 4 stems.

And about DB series, which are Displey Base frames for Diorama.
It has 6 sizes(10cm, 16cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 50cm) and you can
have any combination as you want.
So it's also good for tank, ship, and airplane.

Diopark is working out the details,
but I'll let you guys know as soon as I can!

Have a nice weekend!:)