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Hey everyone!

I just got a news that Diopark is going to
release new products!

Apparently, this time roses!
How cute...!
I'll tell you more about the detail tomorrow.
Please come back!


Hi guys!

We got a news that Tamiya is going to release 1/35 Somua kit this month.
Somua is French military tank in the middle of 1930s, and because of its
well-balanced high performance it's called as the best French tank in their ages.

Pre-order started now!
It's available by 2/13.

Don't miss it peeps!

Hey guys!

Today I have a big news!
Asuka model decided to reproduce M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo"kit!

Actually this is the third time for the kit to be reproduced,
because it's very popular and sold out every time they make it.

Asuka Model is Japanese modeling kit company.
The founder was originally working at Tamiya, which is the world wide popular
modeling company in Japan. Of course you know them, right?:)
That's why their kit is as elaborate as Tamiya.

And this time we take pre-oder!
It will be available by 2/7.

Check it out here!!

Don't miss it scale model fans!:)


Hi guy!

Today I added new brand; Mx Pression!
and I introduce their "Panzer Putty"
because it's easy to use and really cool:)

It's really useful putty when you want to color your kit,
and cool thing is you can change the shape as you want,
and use it again and again.

I know using masking tape is difficult when you want curving line,
but with this one you can easily adjust it's angle and thickness.
Here is the video about how to use it↓↓↓

They also have teaching DVDs and your creation will reach another level
when you get them togethr!:)



Hi guys!

Today I want to introduce our flags,
which are really unique and make your tank look very real.
It's called "On the Wind "series!!

They are made of special plastic paper, and you can make them look flapping
with a lighter or small burner.


Actually, it was hard to make them look like real flags considering reduction ratio with heat,
and we tested so many times. But now they are one of our best sellings and
I'm really proud of it!
So, why don't you give it a shot?:)

Hi guys!

We started dealing in Hornet Heads!
They have very expressive and precise faces, from Asian to Europian peopke,
man to woman.
If you want to change faces of your figure, it's really easy and makes your kit very real and fun to see.
I uploaded 10 of Hornet but we have more!
I'll keep you updated from today,
don't miss it!:)


Hi guys!

It's been chilly in Japan, and seems like
it will snow tonight...I'm not a big fan of snow:(

Today I will introduce this great Diorama!

This one we used
Iroha[MS-001] Grass Set of Sisal Hemp

Iroha[MS-004] Tall Grassy Plain Set

Iroha[MS-011] Small Polyester White Flower Set

As you see, you can make a little nest with the sisal hemp.
Let your imagination work and create the world!:)


Happy new year, everyone!

I wish you all the best in 2015!
I'm Asami, a new member of team M.S Models.

I'm going to write here about our products,
stories from model kit company, or life in Japan.

I hope you enjoy it:)

Thank you very much!