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18 Mar 2015
[Passion Models] [P35-107] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Sd.kfz.162/1(Tamiya35430)

[Passion Models] [P35-108] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang SD.KFZ.162/1 Schürzen set(Tamiya 35430)

[Passion Models] [P35V-107] Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Sd.kfz.162/1 Value set
11 Mar 2015
[Diopark][DP35011] 1/35 Roses

05 Feb 2015
Tamiya Somua kit pre-oder started!

04 Feb 2015
Asuke model is Japanese modeling kit company. The founder was originally from
Tamiya and started own business.

03 Feb 2015
I added Mx Pression items, check it out guys!
29 Jan 2015
We startet dealing in Hornet!!
Check out those cool heads!
24 Dec 2014
[Passion Models] [P35-106]1/35 75mm Pak 42L/70 barrel for Tamiya

[Passion Models] [P35V-13]1/35 Head Phone PE SET

02 Dec 2014
Passion Models [P35-101]1/35 Stug III Ausf.G PE set for TAMIYA MM35197

Passion models
07 Nov 2014
Diorama Materials produced by M.S Models!

Iroha[MS-001] Grass Set of Sisal Hemp

Iroha[MS-002] Natural Material of Trunk Set

Iroha[MS-003] Natural Material of Teelog Set

Iroha[MS-004] Tall Grassy Plain Set

Iroha[MS-005] Short Grassy Plain Set

Iroha[MS-006] Colorful Flower Set

Iroha[MS-007] Small Natural White Flower Set

Iroha[MS-008] Coniferous Leaf Set

Iroha[MS-009] Ear Plant Set

Iroha[MS-010] Bush Set

Iroha[MS-011] Small Polyester White Flower Set

Iroha[MS-012] Bamboo Set

Iroha [Diorama Materials]

28 Oct 2014
SWASH DESIGN[AA-3201]WWⅡU.S. Gas Powered Towing Tractor

also following items are restocked;



16 Oct 2014
[Vision Models][VA9003] 1/35 IJA Type 97 'Chi-Ha' Midium Tank Workable Track Set

Vision Models
14 Oct 2014
[Passion Models] [P35-102]1/35 1/35 6 Pdr for WW1 British MK IV Tank (Set of 2)

[Passion Models] [P35-103]1/35 Front Portion of Lewis MG Cooling Shroud (Set of 3)

[Passion Models] [P35-104]1/35 Front Portion of Lewis MG Cooling Shroud (Set of 5)

[Passion Models] [P35-105]1/35 37mmBarrel for Panzer 35(t) (for Bronco/SKP kit)

Passion Models
20 Sep 2014
[Passion Models] [P35H-001]1/35 on the wind FLAG-America

[Passion Models] [P35H-002]1/35 on the wind FLAG-Britain
12 Jun 2014
[Passion Models] [P35-096]1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 90 [With Chain] PE SET for TAMIYA 35208/35236/35260

[Passion Models] [P35V-011]1/35 Rifle Sling  PE SET

[Passion Models] [P35V-012]1/35 Extra Fine Chain
22 Apr 2014
[Kamizukuri] [N-4]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.2

[Kamizukuri] [N-3]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.1
11 Oct 2013
[Passion Models] [P35-090]1/35 KUBELWAGEN Type82 3Set, [P35V-009]Rifle Holder Steel/Wire type & [P35V-010]Clamp for Soft skin Vehicles (TAMIYA)

[Passion Models] [P35-094]1/35 JAPANESE TAYPE 10 TANK (TAMIYA)

[Passion Models] [P35-095]1/35 Skoda UV vz. 34 (KwK 34(t)) 37mm barrel with resin recoil cylinder (ACADEMY)

11 Oct 2013
[Kamizukuri][A-38] Coco nuts palmII

[Kamizukuri][A-39] Diorama Base Series FENCE
24 May 2013
Diopark[DP35009] 1/35 Asia Classic Bicycle

Diopark[DP35010] 1/35 WWIIBritish Military Bicycle

Vision[VM-35005] 1/35 Soviet BA-64-3SKh

13 Mar 2013
[Swash Design][P35-08] 1/35 Indian 741B (military)
13 Mar 2013
[Kamizukuri] [FP-31HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set Japan

[Kamizukuri] [FP-32HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set Royal Air Force

[Kamizukuri] [FP-33HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set German

[Kamizukuri] [FP-34HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set US Air Force
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