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20 Sep 2014
[Passion Models] [P35H-001]1/35 on the wind FLAG-America

[Passion Models] [P35H-002]1/35 on the wind FLAG-Britain
12 Jun 2014
[Passion Models] [P35-096]1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 90 [With Chain] PE SET for TAMIYA 35208/35236/35260

[Passion Models] [P35V-011]1/35 Rifle Sling  PE SET

[Passion Models] [P35V-012]1/35 Extra Fine Chain
22 Apr 2014
[Kamizukuri] [N-4]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.2

[Kamizukuri] [N-3]1/150 Station building Old Japan No.1
11 Oct 2013
[Passion Models] [P35-090]1/35 KUBELWAGEN Type82 3Set, [P35V-009]Rifle Holder Steel/Wire type & [P35V-010]Clamp for Soft skin Vehicles (TAMIYA)

[Passion Models] [P35-094]1/35 JAPANESE TAYPE 10 TANK (TAMIYA)

[Passion Models] [P35-095]1/35 Skoda UV vz. 34 (KwK 34(t)) 37mm barrel with resin recoil cylinder (ACADEMY)

11 Oct 2013
[Kamizukuri][A-38] Coco nuts palmII

[Kamizukuri][A-39] Diorama Base Series FENCE
29 Aug 2013
[Swash Design][ST-3510] 1/35 Woman Rider (2heads included)

[Swash Design][ST-3511] 1/35 ATS Despatch Rider (wearing overcoat)

[Swash Design][ST-3512] 1/35 WW2 German SS Officer

[Swash Design][ST-3513] 1/35 WW2 US FIELD NURSE

[Swash Design][ST-3514] 1/35 WW2 US TANK CREW
24 May 2013
Diopark[DP35009] 1/35 Asia Classic Bicycle

Diopark[DP35010] 1/35 WWIIBritish Military Bicycle

Vision[VM-35005] 1/35 Soviet BA-64-3SKh

13 Mar 2013
[Swash Design][P35-08] 1/35 Indian 741B (military)
13 Mar 2013
[Kamizukuri] [FP-31HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set Japan

[Kamizukuri] [FP-32HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set Royal Air Force

[Kamizukuri] [FP-33HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set German

[Kamizukuri] [FP-34HD]1/32 WW2 Fighter Cockpit Seat Belt Set US Air Force
02 Mar 2013
[Diopark][DP35008] 1/35 Italian Civilian Motorcycle 125 Primavera

[Diopark][DP35012] 1/35 `60〜`70 Southern Vietnamese
19 Feb 2013
Passion Models P35D-003
1/35 British AEC Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle German Africa Corps Captured Version Decal Set
29 Jan 2013
Passion Models 1/35 75mm Pak 42 L/70 Barrel (for Jagdpanzer IV L/70(V)

Passion Models magazine STURM! Assemble Guide Special
29 Nov 2012
Passion Models 1/35 WWII GERMAN Army S.P.G&ARTILLERY Decal set Added

13 Sep 2012
Passion Models New products 1/35 TIGER I PE Parts Set Added

23 Aug 2012
Decal Star New products WILLYS MB TILT COVER EXTENDED Parts Set Added

18 Aug 2012
Vision Models New products 1/35 W.W.II Italian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set Added

14 Aug 2012
Passion Models New products 1/35 CITROËN 11CV PE Parts Set Added

14 Aug 2012
Decal Star New products Schwimmwagen Tilt Cover Extended Parts Set Added

01 Aug 2012
Kamizukiri New Item added

27 Jun 2012
Passion Models Reproducts P35I-001 WHEELS SET for Pz.kpfw.35(t) and variants Added